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Issue free NFT Certificates to your learners.

For your online or in-person course, masterclass or event.

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It works with any content anywhere!

No matter how and where you deliver your content, our solution works out-of-the-box.

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Design your own certificate or choose from a template.

Works with any course, masterclass or event

Fully white-labelled to match your brand

Name engraving and personalised fields

Immutable record of learning stored on the blockchain

Free mint and one-click LinkedIn integration to share the achievement


Operation 3's custom completion certificate.

Case study

Jericho was looking for a simple, yet powerful solution to issue certificates for their famous 'Operation 3', a web3 on-ramping program for top web2 talent.

One week after first contact, their course completers have received personalised completion certificates, including individual program feedback.

How it works

For you

  1. After signing up, you send/upload your design (or pick one from the template library)

  2. We create a unique link that you can share with your learners.

  3. Optional: You can set up a list that only lets specific wallet addresses mint a certificate.

  4. Optional: You can collect additional information like personalised feedback to add to the metadata.

For your learners

  1. After completion, your learners get a link to the minting page.

  2. They connect their MetaMask wallet.

  3. If they are eligible, they 'engrave' their name to mint their NFT certificate (we pay the gas fee for them)

  4. Once minted, the certificate is visible on OpenSea and can be added to LinkedIn with one click.

    Try our demo certificate

Can't we us POAPs for that?

We thought so too but quickly discovered that we need more for our course certificates.

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