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Just DAO it: How to create a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation?

Learning by doing: Set up a real DAO from start to finish! Go through the motion of setting up governance structures, proposing activities, voting and executing accordingly, including taking "toxic" accepted proposals to a decentralised 'court'. This one is a 'look 5-10 years into the future' experience.

DAOs are Decentralised Autonomous Organisations. They are a community of people who have a shared vision who come together to achieve a common goal aided by code and collective decision making.

DAOs could be the future of work and governance, with current use cases spanning crowdfunding, investment, social clubs, and building a product.

DAOs are becoming increasingly popular and more people are experimenting with DAOs as a more empowering way to find work or participate in building an organisation.

Join us in this 8 part practical hands-on course in learning how to create a DAO.

Obtain the knowledge you need to understand what DAOs are and how they work, to get involved in an existing DAO or to launch your own DAO in the future.

The content (subject to change):

Intro to DAOs and creating your DAO charter


Legal options for setup of incorporation


Key roles and functions


Voting Systems


Incentive Design


Governance Process


Proposal creation


Conflict Resolution & Wrap up

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