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The closest to predicting the future: decentralised expert consensus.

The future of DeFi, NFTs, crypto and DAOs is uncertain. And yet any investor has to make important decisions today. Market research reports help, but they often lack the consensus perspective of multiple experts in the field. Doing your own research and talking to experts costs time and energy. Ww want to change that!

How the delphi method works

Using a mix of expert opinion and wisdom of the crowd, our trusted and curated invite-only expert panels acts as an "oracle" to answer the most difficult questions in an uncertain environment. Not a guarantee, but better than a market analyst report!

An valuable question

A question about the future is posed. eg "Does LookingRare have a sustainable tokenomics model?” or “what are the 5 most promising NFT collections for under 1ETH?”

Expert roundtables

A group of 12-18 trusted experts is curated and answer anonymously, review the results and consolidate their view iteratively.

A solid prediction

After multiple iterations, results will converge and provide a consensus prediction, which is shared with funders subscribers.

Example predictions

What will be the best performing cryptos 2022?

Which NFT collection should I buy with less than 1 ETH?

Does LookingRare have a sustainable tokenomics model?

Which metaverse project should I invest in?

How to best participate in GameFi in 2022?

+ many more

What's in it for experts?

Revenue Share

Revenue from prediction reports will be distributed to all experts who participated in a prediction that. We aim to pay a minimum of $250-350 per hour of work.

An exclusive community

Experts are part of a well-respected community of global leaders in the field with exclusive access to the expert forum.

How to get access to predictions?

Buy single predictions starting from $49

Buy individual prediction reports with expert consensus and commentary to make better decisions about specific investments.

Subsciptions from $99 per month

Subscribe for full access to all prediction reports. Monthly or annually options available.

Fund a question from $9,900

Pose a question and contribute funding. Pay the whole price yourself or open it up for public co-funding. The prediction report is sent to everyone who contributed funding 4 weeks before making it purchasable. Funders will get a percentage of royalties from single purchases.

Early access opening soon

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